Buenos Aires Nursery

Buenos Aires de Angol Nursery it´s part of the CHISA group.

The Nursery is continuously developing new varietal material selection and propagation processes that allow offering plants that produce consistent fruit of high varietal standard.

The level of mechanization used in the nursery’s production processes allows reducing the unit costs and obtaining homogeneous plants.

During its long path and several decades as a professional nursery, it has permanently incorporated technology that allows it to be on par with the best standards of World Nursery.

Our annual production is approximately 650,000 plants, located in the Angol area, widely known for achieving an intense coloration, sweetness and good storage conditions in the fruit, which has given CHISA worldwide fame.

The varieties that we have available are Buckeye, Jugala, Galaval, Kanzi, Fuji Fubrax, Rosy Glow and Granny Smith.


Architecture of the Columnar Garden on PI type M9-337

  • Typical distances: 3.30 m between rows and 0.80 m above the row. (3,788 plants / ha)
  • Adult plants with 40 short side branches (max. 0.40 cm) between 0.60 m and 3.20 m height. Of these, 36 are in production and 4 are renewals.
  • Each branch in production bears on average 3 fruits: 108 fruits per plant; 409,104 fruits/ha (81 ton/ha in varieties that average around 200 grams / fruit).

Characteristics of the Columnar Plant

  • They have production centers close to the stem, highly illuminated and uniform throughout its structure.
  • The production centers are located on rigid fruit wood, (not pendulous) and it’s permanently renewed.
  • There are no unproductive parts or sections of a branch
  • At the time of planting, the columnar plant has a superior stem cross-section area compared to maiden or knipp plants.

Production curve reachable in a columnar orchard

1st leaf 6-8 ton/ha
2nd leaf 40 ton/ha
3rd leaf 55 ton/ha
4th leaf 65 ton/ha
5th leaf 70 ton/ha
6th leaf 80 ton/ha

Benefits of the Columnar Plant

  • Fruit of high internal quality, maximum color and uniform size
  • It means saving of wages based on:
    • There is a better effect of chemical thinners.
    • Orthopedics is not used.
    • Increases the productivity of wages in pedestrian harvest.
    • It makes the harvest more efficient with the support of mechanization.
  • Strong increase in the accumulated production to the 5th leaf (higher than 220 ton / ha), and the production ceiling in regime.



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